Impartiality Policy

INTERCERT GLOBAL Sp. z o.o.  (ICG) meets the requirements of the Act of 13 April 2016 on Conformity Assessment systems and market surveillance (Article 28), according to which the management and employees responsible for the performance of conformity assessment tasks are independent and impartial, including financially, in relation to the entity or product that it assesses, in particular do not engage in any activity that may compromise independence,  impartiality and objectivity, including the design, manufacture, placing on the market, installation, use or maintenance of the assessed devices, as well as consultancy services.

ICG does not offer or provide its clients with internal auditing services, certification of other certification bodies in the scope of their management system, does not operate in connection with consulting bodies, including subcontracting audits to them.

INTERCERT GLOBAL Sp. z o.o. has implemented organizational solutions and processes to ensure that the activity is conducted in an independent, impartial manner and excludes any discrimination.

Certification services are available to all applicants (as far as they relate to the scope of the certification activities carried out), regardless of the size of the applicant organization, its membership in any grouping or association, nor is it conditioned by the number of products or management systems already certified.

The ICG manages conflicts of interest and identifies potential risks to impartiality arising from its activities, affiliations with other entities, or the affiliations of its personnel, and responds to any known risks.

The implemented conformity assessment processes are carried out in an impartial manner, i.e. with objectivity understood as the absence of conflicts of interest or their solution in such a way that they do not adversely affect the activities of the ICG.

The ICG shall, prior to each process, inform the applicant of the persons involved in the conformity assessment in order to report possible risks that may constitute a conflict of interest and jeopardise impartiality.

ICG conducts training in a manner open to all interested parties. All interested parties can participate in the trainings, and information about the training is available through the website.

The management of INTERCERT GLOBAL Sp. z o.o. has established an Impartiality Committee to conduct consultations on issues affecting impartiality, which includes parties interested in the conducted conformity assessment activities.

Where an unacceptable risk to impartiality is identified, the ICG shall not undertake the conformity assessment process.

The management of ICG ensures that the content and values of the above policy are known, understood and respected by internal and external staff.